Whether you’re looking to entirely remodel your bathroom or just looking to replacing a worn or ugly coloured old bathtub, one important decision to make for your bathtub replacement project is what type of bathtub to purchase. Choosing the right bathtub to fit your style and needs can be difficult, that’s why our design consultants are here to help. We have a large selection of bathtub replacements to choose from: soaking, freestanding, specialty, alcove or drop-in we have solutions for any style or budget.

We have two options for bath remodeling.

1. Acrylic Wall

Acrylic walls provide a sleek, contemporary look for bath/shower walls while being light and easy to work with. If you want to save money consider an acrylic wall systems for excellent value and affordability. If you choose acrylic wall panels they can be installed over existing bathroom walls – cutting the time to get this
project done significantly.

Before & After

Good quality acrylic wall panels are usually cheaper to buy than similar quality tiles.

2. Tiled Wall

Tiled wall provides a more sophisticated look because several different tile color combinations can be accommodated which allows for better color matching in the bathroom. The style and look of tile is often considered its biggest benefit aside from versatility.

bath-remodel-tile-1 bath-remodel-tile-2

Acrylic vs Tile

Budget Friendly
Quick & Clean
Large Number of Colours & Pallets
Easy to Clean with no Grout to Maintain

There is a Process Involved
Larger Number of Colours & Pallets
Requires Heavy Scrubbing to Clean

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