Bathtub to shower conversions make it easier for someone who has limited mobility to take a shower. If you or someone in your household is finding it difficult to step over the side of the bathtub, we have several options that could make the bathroom much safer and more convenient. Even if you are just looking to replace your old unused bathtub, converting your old bathtub to a new shower can be easy and affordable.

1. Acrylic Shower Conversion

Acrylic shower conversions are easy and affordable. Made of sheets of acrylic – a plastic material – they have both strength, corrosion resistance and are very light. As a one-piece unit, installing them is fairly easy because all you need to do is level the base and install the shower walls around the base.

tub-to-shower-1 tub-to-shower-2


2. Tile Shower Conversion

Tile offers a solid & strong surface. The style and look of tile is often considered its biggest benefit aside from versatility. For instance, if you own an odd-size area, you can simply tile the entire space and not worry about purchasing a custom acrylic shower base.

tub-shower-tile-1 tub-shower-tile-2


Acrylic vs Tile

Budget Friendly
Quick & Clean
Large Number of Colours & Pallets
Easy to Clean with no Grout to Maintain

There is a Process Involved
Larger Number of Colours & Pallets
Requires Heavy Scrubbing to Clean

Before & After