Bath Solutions Fully Installs And Guarantees Walk-In Bathtubs For Your Bathing Independence.

Our large selection of walk-in bathtubs for elderly, disabled and handicapped people feature different designs and styles. Choose between the walk-in bathtub models or call us directly at 905.456.2284. We will help determine the model that is right for you! Our newest arrivals are the two wheelchair-accessible walk in tubs for handicapped and disabled. The wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtub models feature comfort, easy access, durability and many other valuable features for elderly and disabled. We also carry a large variety of walk-in bath tubs that fit into standard bathtub opening while providing safety and convenience of walk-in accessibility.


1  Safety Grab Bar

To provide our users with a sense of safety and security more…

2  Faucet Set

Decorative faucets designed with ¾ inch ceramic cartridges combine more…

3  Air Massage

The premium air massage system comes with warm and inviting more…

4  Hydrotherapy

Our Deluxe Hydro Massage system features fully adjustable and more…

5  Auto Drain

The Auto Drain quickly and efficiently drains the remaining tub more…

6  Headrest Pillow

Sit back and fully relax your body and enjoy your more…

7  Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils which are more…

8  Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy is the technique that utilizes colored light to more…




Hydrotherapy system was invented by Roy Jacuzzi in 1968. The first bathtub model equipped with water jets and the pump was able to produce 1/2-to-1/2 water to air ratio and created a revolution in the field of bathroom remodeling. The pump motor was circulating the water and releasing it through water jets, allowing bathers to feel a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Since then, the hydrotherapy technology has evolved into a separate industry. Today, many vendors offer different accessories and configurations of water therapy systems for all kinds of bathtubs, including walk-in bathtubs.

Walk-in bathtubs are larger than traditionally-sized bathtubs and require more reliable components. Average volume of a walk-in bathtub varies from 60-75 gallons, creating a noticeable amount of pressure in the water circulation system. Bathsolutions professionals were able to design a hydrotherapy system that is able to sustain the large volume of water pressure and function without any interruptions.

Components of a hydrotherapy system include:
A water pump with controllable air supply speed Hydro Jets with optional pressure and direction adjustment Suction controls for water circulation.



Choosing between all the different varieties of walk-in bathtubs can be a difficult task. There are a few things that you can keep an eye out for to ensure that you get the best possible walk-in bathtub. Obviously you will want to pay attention to the price but the first thing you should pay attention to other than that is the material. You need a material that will hold up and stand the test of time.

Fiberglass is a good way to go as it is made in mass quantities so you can probably find it for a good price. It also holds up pretty well so you will get the most out of your walk-in bathtub. It also comes in quite a few different colors so you will never get stuck with the same dull color that you would when choosing other tub materials. One other material that should be taken into consideration is acrylic. Although it is usually heavier than fiberglass, it can be found for the same prices in most cases.

Just like fiberglass, it can be found in a variety of colors and because of its weight, it will hold together over time. If you decide to go with an acrylic walk-in bathtub, be sure to get assistance when installing it as it’s quite heavy and may require some serious manpower to get everything in place. The same can be recommended for fiberglass but it won’t cause nearly as many problems. You should also take into consideration where you will be purchasing the tub. Try to find a walk-in bathtub that has a lifetime warranty so if something does happen, you won’t be out of luck. Keep those few things in mind and you’ll find yourself with the best possible walk-in bathtub that money can buy. They are sure to bring you years of comfort and will create more space in any bathroom that you put them in. Always choose a reputable dealer and once again, keep an eye out for that warranty. Good luck and enjoy your walk-in bathtub!